Destiny School of Ministry


Raising 21st Century Ministers

The purpose of Destiny School of ministry is to raise leaders relevant for ministry in the 21st Century. Students are required to take a set of core courses that ground them in basic Biblical literacy and increase them also in their personal Christian walk.

The school diploma course further provides students with a programme of basic biblical foundations together with practical ‘hands on’ training taught by Triumphant Church International leadership and some external lecturers.

Classes take place at these venues:

Triumphant Church International,
136 West Green Road
London N15  5AD

To register your interest in the destiny school of Ministry please contact 0208 800 6001 or email

Admissions Criteria into DSM

We feel it is necessary for you to know the admissions criteria into Destiny School of Ministry.

  • Salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Public confession of our Lord Jesus Christ
  • Christian discipline in ministry, family, business and finances
  • Candidates should to an extent demonstrate a call to ministry or a desire for lay ministry. People who seek to grow in their Christian walk can also seek to attend.
  • Ability to express ideas clearly as will be determined by a personal inter view and sample write up.