Pastor Clem Esomowei

Pastor Clem is the Senior Pastor of Triumphant Church International with headquarters in London, England and church plants in Nigeria, South Africa and in England; Birmingham, Basildon, Leeds, Chatham and other ministry affiliates. Pastor Clem is a mentor, life coach and conference speaker.

Due to his experience as a qualified Pharmacist and management executive with a Pharmaceutical conglomerate, Pastor Clem is vast in knowledge concerning wellness and management principles. Pastor Clem has consistently served the Lord in various leadership capacities. He is well respected outside and within church circles as a man of integrity preaching the word of God with boldness and without compromise. He has a deep yearning for total restoration and increase in the lives of the ‘up and out’ and ‘down and out’ and has seen many restored to the paths of righteousness, victory, prosperity and triumph.

He reaches millions through his weekly telecast ‘Destiny Highway’ broadcast in Europe, Africa and the Mediterranean where many have been set free and refocused into their God given destinies.

Pastor Clem is married to Co-Pastor Marjorie Esomowei, his wife for over 34 years and a qualified economist and banker. He was called into ministry full-time after serving for ten years with a Pharmaceutical conglomerate, Glaxo. Pastor Clem has authored six books including ‘Divine Decrees, The Turnaround Life and Victory Over Offences.’