Divine Intervention at the Hospital

Gladys attends a branch of our church in Nigeria. In February 2017 she lost a pregnancy unfortunately and was bleeding profusely. She tried to hold up the bleeding with her children’s bed sheets but two bed sheets got soaked with blood. The said thing was her husband was out of town and she would need to get to hospital to deal with the pain and the bleeding. Sadder still, the doctors in Nigerian hospitals would not treat you without any cash deposits. She had no money.

When she noticed that her life was almost ebbing away she called for neighbours to take her to the nearest hospital. They did but unfortunately they too had no money. After a while, she told them to please pass on a message to her husband and in laws to please look after her children in case she died. The bleeding would not stop.

After a while, in her own words “I saw my spirit move out of my body just like it happens in the movies and it was walking out of the door in that hospital. At that point Mama appeared (Pastor Marjorie) and spoke to my spirit man to return back as she is not going to bury my dead body. My spirit moved back instantaneously and returned into my body”

Gladys regained consciousness and today is back to her normal self to the glory of the living God.

There is power in prayer. God answers when we pray. Apostolic pressure came upon the situation and God prevailed over untimely death.


Gladys O
(Triumphant Church International, Port Harcourt, Rumuigbo)

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