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I want to thank the Lord for sending his son Jesus Christ for our sake. I thank God for looking after me since birth.

I thank the Lord for his goodness over my life and that of my family. He has kept me alive to date and has kept me in sound health. Regardless of the failings of this mortal body due to age from time to time, when I call on his name he answers my every call. There has been no issue I have raised with the doctors that the Lord has not taken care of.

He continues to keep me strong day by day. I know that for those things that remain, I am rest assured he will heal also in Jesus name. I thank him for being my source of strength at all times.

I thank God for my children and my grandchildren, and my extended family for his care over them and their endeavours.

I will continue to worship and praise you all the length of my days in Jesus mighty name, all Glory be to God Hallelujah!


TCI Chatham Kent


One morning in October, I had gotten up and gone to work like any other day. My spirit was telling me something wasn’t quite right this day, but I couldn’t put my finger on exactly what it was so, but I continued with my work as usual. It wasn’t until the early afternoon that I discovered why I couldn’t quite shake that feeling I had in my spirit.

An armed robber had entered my place of work and began to threaten to shoot me if I didn’t allow him to take the money that he came for. At that moment I just said to myself, “God, this money is not worth more than my life. Let him take this money and go without any further issue.”

We thank God that that is exactly how it went. After he left I called security and the police eventually arrived and began investigating the incident. The company also began an internal investigation as to what allowed for this incident to take place, and I was actually placed on suspension. This is because they believed I may have been involved.

During my time on suspension, I asked God to grant them the wisdom to understand that I could never be involved in such, both as a Christian but also as a man who has worked his whole life to stay away from the kind of life a robbery would make me a part of.

After a month of investigations, my prayer was answered and my name was fully cleared and I was exonerated. I just want to thank God, because although the enemy tried as hard as they could to destroy me, my God showed them that He is greater than anything they could try and attack me with.

Praise the Lord! After this, God continued to show me his favour, as I graduated earlier this month with a Merit in my Masters degree! All praise to God!

Brother C E

TCI London



I just want to say that God has done so much for me, I just can not tell it all and to take this opportunity to thank God for all He has done for me throughout the year, thank Papa and Mama for their prayers and support and also use this opportunity to encourage somebody tonight

Last year December 31, I testified how Papa prayed for me about a new job. What I did not say was that it was a contract. So I took a carreer break from my previous job to take the contract. Then in September  my previous employer could not maintain the NHS policy that that they signed so they paid off all their NHS staff.

I took the benefits I was paid for which I am so much grateful to God because the money came in handy but that left me with no backup job. My contract ended 9th October 2019 without any hope of it being renewed. But from the word go, I used Papa’s book the Divine decrees,  the employment section of it and I prayed it everyday.

After a while, my manager called me and told me to apply for a vacancy in another site of the Trust and that it is an in house application. I did apply and was offered interview, passed and got a full-time position with the same Trust November ending. I just want to say that through it all I learned to trust God.

For it is written in PROVERBS 3:5 “Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own undestanding.” 

This year by God’s grace I have recovered most and still recovering in Jesus’s mighty name. Sometimes the Lord just wants to see how much we trust in Him to provide all our needs. 

Praise the Lord somebody, God always cares for us so much, everything will happen in HIS time if we continue to praise Him and lean on Him alone. 

Amen. I thank God for the encouragement of my ushering department and the prayers and support of Mama and Papa


Mrs G Y

TCI London



What an awesome God we serve. I thank God for His faithfulness and His loving kindness. The bible says – believe in the Lord your God; so shall ye be established. believe His prophets; so shall ye prosper.”

On the last day of the 30-day fasting, the 10th December during the service Pastor Clem  released some prophetic words. Pastor also announced the 24-hour miracle. When he mentioned this I couldn’t help thinking to myself that these 24-hour miracles only happen to other people not me. But I remember catching myself and saying to the Lord I wanted a miracle that I could clearly and only ascribe to Him and I would have no hand in it at all. I remember asking for 2 things, one of them was a promotion.

I couldn’t help wondering though how this could happen in the next 24 hours? I had not applied for a position, neither were there any positions being advertised in my organisation, but I know with God nothing is impossible.

On the 11th December a day after we had ended the fast, we had our corporate Christmas party and awards night. Before dinner our UK Director took the floor, after a very long touching speech about a certain person, to my complete surprise my Promotion was announced, it took me a while to realise he had been talking about me. Praise the Lord – Hallelujah!!!  Never before has a promotion been announced in this manner In fact there wasn’t a role so they are having to create one

I left the Christmas party not knowing on the night my promotion was announced my enemy within wanted to spoil my testimony, but the Lord exposed them the next day. I give God ALL the glory who watches over His word.

I bless God for the life of my Pastors and their steadfast commitment in prayers for all of us. Praise the Lord

Sister G E

TCI London



I am sharing this testimony to the Glory of God Almighty and to encourage somebody that Indeed our God is a prayer answering God.

Sometime in August this year somebody made a false allegation against me at my place of work which was surprising to me because there was no way I could be associated with such. And with the nature of my job it could have affected my career.

I was very upset as to why would somebody would even think of accusing me of what I did not do. When I got home I was thinking about how the situation unfolded and how it could easily jeopardise my career. I said to myself this is not ordinary, it is only God who can deliver me from this mess therefore I have to pray. Not knowing where and how to start I then remembered Papa’s book Divine Decree IV and the spirit of God lead me to pray against litigation and court cases which can be found on page 112 and I prayed passionately with all my heart. Then the next day I got a call from my manager saying there was an allegation against you hence it need to be investigated. I said to her okay I look forward to the outcome of it.

Thank God I had already started praying and binding every evil spirit assigned to tarnish my name and reputation through false accusation in Jesus name Amen.

I said to myself, even my manager would let this go through investigation …well I concluded that she has a duty of care to both of us.
In that state of mind. I called my daughter and explained to her briefly and she was like no it’s not possible. I then handed the
DIVINE DECREE IV Page 112 to go to her room and pray for me.
She came back after a while with her eyes red and I said to myself thank you Lord.
That same night I used the Divine Decree IV and prayed again and went and slept. At about 3AM early hours of the morning the spirit of God tapped my should and I woke up. I was actually wondering why so early
When God is in your business he gives you understanding
Straight away I remembered I had a battle that I needed to conquer With Christ my help.
I started praying using the Divine Decree again. At one point in time I was crying out God of Pastor Clem you must hear me, you must vindicate me, you are the inspiration behind this book and as I declare upon this situation so shall it be in Jesus name Amen.

Then the third day at about 4pm I got a phone call from my manager but I was unable to pick the call because I had someone in my car. I then called my manager the following morning. My manager said we are very sorry that you have been put through this. Nothing whatsoever was held against you from the accusation and the person denied accusing you of anything(all to the Glory of God).

I can only say that was God Almighty in action who went ahead of me and settled my battle.

Mrs T O
TCI London