I am sharing this testimony to the Glory of God Almighty and to encourage somebody that Indeed our God is a prayer answering God.

Sometime in August this year somebody made a false allegation against me at my place of work which was surprising to me because there was no way I could be associated with such. And with the nature of my job it could have affected my career.

I was very upset as to why would somebody would even think of accusing me of what I did not do. When I got home I was thinking about how the situation unfolded and how it could easily jeopardise my career. I said to myself this is not ordinary, it is only God who can deliver me from this mess therefore I have to pray. Not knowing where and how to start I then remembered Papa’s book Divine Decree IV and the spirit of God lead me to pray against litigation and court cases which can be found on page 112 and I prayed passionately with all my heart. Then the next day I got a call from my manager saying there was an allegation against you hence it need to be investigated. I said to her okay I look forward to the outcome of it.

Thank God I had already started praying and binding every evil spirit assigned to tarnish my name and reputation through false accusation in Jesus name Amen.

I said to myself, even my manager would let this go through investigation …well I concluded that she has a duty of care to both of us.
In that state of mind. I called my daughter and explained to her briefly and she was like no it’s not possible. I then handed the
DIVINE DECREE IV Page 112 to go to her room and pray for me.
She came back after a while with her eyes red and I said to myself thank you Lord.
That same night I used the Divine Decree IV and prayed again and went and slept. At about 3AM early hours of the morning the spirit of God tapped my should and I woke up. I was actually wondering why so early
When God is in your business he gives you understanding
Straight away I remembered I had a battle that I needed to conquer With Christ my help.
I started praying using the Divine Decree again. At one point in time I was crying out God of Pastor Clem you must hear me, you must vindicate me, you are the inspiration behind this book and as I declare upon this situation so shall it be in Jesus name Amen.

Then the third day at about 4pm I got a phone call from my manager but I was unable to pick the call because I had someone in my car. I then called my manager the following morning. My manager said we are very sorry that you have been put through this. Nothing whatsoever was held against you from the accusation and the person denied accusing you of anything(all to the Glory of God).

I can only say that was God Almighty in action who went ahead of me and settled my battle.

Mrs T O
TCI London

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