God Opened my Right Ear

Good morning to you Pastor Clem:
Last Sunday as you were praying for the church after preaching, I had a loud pop in my right ear, I used to hear through it but partially because of an accident I had as a young child and mainly used the left ear to hear.
If my left ear was covered I wouldn’t hear well and I always had to readjust my position to hear well for years. But last Sunday God delivered me and this morning as I was lying down on my left side and listening to Galatians 3:1- I realised that I didn’t have to adjust my left ear to hear clearly because the right one is hearing very well like the left ear.
😀 I give glory to God and may His Name be praised forever !! Thank you Pastor Clem for your prayers and thank for for being my Pastor. May God continue to bless you and Mama.
R. M
Triumphant Church International, London
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