Unusual Favour

I want to testify of the goodness and faithfulness of God in the life of my family.

God made a way for my son to be offered a 2 week internship in one of the biggest investment banks.

He was offered a further 10 weeks internship the following year. He said that most of the people who were interns with him attended Oxford university, Cambridge University and Imperial College. He said he was in the minority from Loughborough University.

He applied and was expecting to be invited for an interview for a permanent position when he graduates the following year. However out of about 15 interns, Himself and another intern were offered a position two days before the end of their internship without an interview. The offer had no condition except that he must graduate.

Praise the Lord!!! This is God from the beginning to the end.


Mr and Mr F
Triumphant Church International, Basildon

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