Good News From My Doctor!

On January 2016 this year I went to my GP to do a check up and they asked to me to go and do a blood test which I did, and when the results came back , I had a consultation with the doctor and they said “that my liver was bad”.

He then decided to sent me for another follow up blood test , and the results came back negative again. He asked me if I was any prescribed any medication and I replied “yes, I take some vitamins” and he advised me to stop taking them for 30 days and advised for a third blood test after the 30 day period. The same results were shown after the taking the blood test for the third time. Each time he gave me the results I kept telling myself it was not for me ,I was in total denial because I know the God I serve.

The doctor has arranged a scan for my liver and i decided to speak to our senior pastor Clem in his office after the service which enlightened me as usual. I told him about the 3 test I had done and the following scan i would be having, he asked me a few questions such as “do you believe God can turn it around” I replied “yes” and he prayed for me and anointed me with the blood of Jesus.

On the day of the scan , I went in and it was carried out. The doctor then brought back the results and it was positive news that my liver was perfectly normal.

Church it is important to know that God answers prayers. Praise the Lord.


Brother Alex

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